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Front cover CBTMadeSimple_2ndEd-1.png

A practical guide to CBT with learning
exercises and videos included in  each
chapter. You will find this the most comprehensive CBT manual anywhere. 

This fully revised and updated second
edition incorporates mindfulness
into CBT  and includes new chapters on core beliefs, underlying assumptions and behavioural experiments, plus treatment guidelines for depression and anxiety. 

CBT Made Simple

2nd Edition

A Clinician’s Guide to Practicing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Published by New Harbinger

In this second edition of CBT Made Simple you will find the  most comprehensive manual available to help professionals learn CBT and improve their clients’ treatment outcomes. CBT Made Simple is a practical guide that offers everything you need to know about CBT: what it is, how it works, and how to implement it in session. You will also learn how to  foster a positive therapeutic relationship within the context of CBT therapy.

CBT will come alive through experiential learning techniques. Each chapter presents key elements of CBT in clear, accessible language. You will find therapist/client dialogues based on clinical examples, exercises to help you practice, self-reflection modules, suggestions on how to immediately start using each intervention and clear focused video demonstrations–in short everything you would want to help you bring CBT into your own practice.


Both  novice clinicians and more experienced CBT practitioners will find the highly practical exercises useful in learning new skills and consolidating existing skills. Practical ways to integrate mindfulness, compassion oriented interventions and values-based therapy are incorporated throughout the book and interwoven into basic CBT interventions.

This second edition of CBT Made Simple retains all of what made the first edition such a great resource, and adds new material on working with core beliefs, mindfulness-based strategies, and case formulation. As in the first edition, each chapter in this well-written book models the structure of a typical CBT session, including setting an agenda and completing practical exercises to build skills. I highly recommend this updated edition of CBT Made Simple, both for new clinicians and experienced therapists wanting to hone their CBT skills!
— Martin M. Antony, PhD, professor of psychology, Ryerson University, author of the Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook and The Anti-Anxiety Program

The second edition of this extremely practical, helpful and essential book on CBT is now even better than its prior iteration. In a careful, emphatic and clear manner, the reader is escorted through key principles.  Especially exciting are new chapters on recognizing and dealing with old longstanding core beliefs and how to replace them, as well as dealing with underlying assumptions and behavioral experiments. Also, throughout the book there are now sections on how to incorporate mindfulness into CBT, helping clients decenter from their painful habitual thoughts. Clinicians with all levels of sophistication and experience will find much to deepen their knowledge and practice. This volume is destined to be a classic.
— Michael Rosenbluth, MD, FRCPC, chief, department of psychiatry, Michael Garron Hospital/ Toronto East Health Network, associate professor, University of Toronto

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